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Dorie L. Griggs

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University of Richmond, Virginia
BA, Speech Communications/Theater Arts, 1981
Indiana University, The Center on Philanthropy
The Fund Raising School, Fund Raising 101, 1994
Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA
Master of Divinity, May 2002
Jeff Justice Comedy Workshop
Graduate, Level I and II, February 2011 and August 2012

Professional Positions

Faith And The City, Atlanta, GA.
Communications Manager, August 2002 – August 2004
Producer of Faith And The City Forum: Interfaith Dialogue on Public Issues a weekly, 30-minute panel discussion aired on Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters Inc. cable TV network. Worked with executive producer to determine public issue to be addressed and set theological framework for panel discussions. Researched topics for host; networked to recruit panelists from Atlanta’s interfaith community; worked closely with production crew. In other capacities, coordinated educational retreats and meetings for seminarians, faculty, and clergy; managed organization’s media relations; planned public forums and other special events; provided content for website and bi-weekly electronic newsletter; and assisted with fundraising research.

Simpsonwood Conference and Retreat Center, Norcross, GA.
Director of Marketing and Development, January 1991 – December 1998
Established new department to oversee marketing and fundraising for this nonprofit United Methodist Church retreat center. Developed all marketing materials, brochures, and floor plans. Managed relationships with local and national media. Instituted quarterly newsletter. Administered department budget. Established annual campaign. Worked closely with 40-member board of directors to set goals and raise funds for annual and capital campaigns. Reported directly to Executive Director, but required open working relationships with all facets of operation. Spoke to church and civic organizations on a regular basis. Solicited business from church and nonprofit organizations. Served as on-site coordinator for Fall 1993 United Methodist Worldwide Council of Bishops meeting, involving: transportation; housing; and on site logistics. Established and maintained relationships with local, national and international nonprofit organizations. Created displays for use in trade shows. Represented Simpsonwood at local and national trade shows. Established and maintained active participation in professional organizations. Recruit and train volunteers for various events at the center.

Mitchell's Management Corporation, Atlanta, GA.
Assistant Marketing Director, April 1986 – March 1989
Managed lease-required and yellow pages advertising for 100-store retail company in nine states. Established and managed special events division and trained local store managers; nurtured convention market and local chamber of commerce contacts; maintained communication with company’s regional VPs.

Contract Positions

Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, Atlanta, GA
Bus Trip Coordinator, August 2004 – October 2013
Manage all aspects of annual tour of best practices in public education working closely with the executive staff of GPEE. Responsibilities include coordinate closely with executive staff on the selection of schools. Logistics planning for 3-day motor coach tour of public schools throughout Georgia. Planning includes: mapping the route, pre-tour school site visits, contracting the motor coaches, contracting with hotels, arranging for meal sponsorship, State Trooper escort, soliciting sponsors, administer registration process. Working closely with the communications director on the production of a riders guide for participants, premium gifts for participants and awards for schools visited. Interface with participants who come from state and local governments, business community, educators and nonprofit communities. Provide summary reports to the executive staff. Details of the trip can be seen on the web:

The Dart Society, Mimi Award, Seattle, WA
Mimi Award Administrator, 2006 – 2008
Administrator for national award for newspaper editors. Main contact for award committee members, judges and nominators. Coordinate conference calls, collect nominations, maintain timeline for selecting an award recipient. Coordinate all details of the award presentation to include: design of the award, hotel accommodations, meals and award ceremony in host city.

Ministry to Journalists, Atlanta, GA
Columnist, Southern Newspaper Publishers Association, February 2003 – 2004
Author of One-On-One, bi-weekly column addressing various life issues that confront journalists. Established ministry of presence to journalists during 2001-02 academic year as outgrowth of volunteer work for Georgia Tech athletic department and in press room for sporting events, including Peach Bowl, Tech football and basketball games, Men’s Final Four and Women’s Final Four Tournaments.

Calvin Camp and Conference Center, Hampton, GA.
Director of Marketing and Public Relations, June 2000 – October 2002
Established marketing and public relations department; emphasized promoting center use by Presbytery of Greater Atlanta congregations, other Presbyterian groups, other denominations, and nonprofit organizations. Created printed materials; represented center at Presbytery meetings and other functions.

Presbytery of Greater Atlanta, Atlanta, GA.
Editor, Holy Cow! Newsletter, January 1999 – May 2000
Coordinated publication of first Presbytery of Greater Atlanta newsletter. Worked closely with the Presbytery communications committee; encouraged congregations and Presbytery initiatives to submit articles; edited articles and worked closely with graphic designer and printer to produce newsletter.

Additional Experience

Chair, Military Ministry, Roswell Presbyterian Church, 2011-present
Board of Directors, Care For The Troops, 2010- Present
Press Operations Volunteer, Chick-fil-a Bowl, 1994-Present.
Volunteer Assistant, Georgia Tech Sports Information Office, 1986-2009
Disaster Action Team Member – Red Cross – Metro Atlanta Chapter, January 2005 –December 2007.
Chaplain, C.P.E. Student: Georgia Tech Athletic Department Staff and Journalists covering events, September 2001 – May 2002.

Professional Memberships

Association of Professional Chaplains, Communication/Publications Committee, Nov. 2007 – Nov. 2011.
Atlanta Press Club, Member, 2004 - 2012.
The Citadel Family Association, Cadet recruitment and retention coordinator, April 2010 – May 2011
The Citadel, Georgia Parents Group, coordinator, April 2008 – May 2011.
Georgia Society of Association Executives, Board of Trustees, GSAE Foundation, 1998-99; Leadership Strategies Committee, 1997; Public Service Chair, 1995, 1992-2004.
International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies, Media SIG, 2003-2010.
The Ochberg Society, , member, 2012 – present.
Religious Conference Management Association, Georgia Aisle Coordinator, 1994-98, 2003-2004.
University of Richmond, Atlanta Alumni Chapter – Steering Committee, 2002-2012.

Lecture Experience

Columbia Theological Seminary, guest lecturer, Pastor as Public Leader, Doctor of Ministry Course, Spring semester 2003

Administrative Professionals Association, PCUSA, regional meeting, guest lecturer, Communications for church professionals, August 2003

Reinhardt College, guest lecturer, Broadcast Journalism class, spoke on Journalism and Trauma, self-care for journalists and sensitive coverage of victims of trauma, February 2004.

Yale University, Yale Center for Faith & Culture, Workplace Chaplaincy Conference, guest lecturer, Chaplaincy in the Newsroom: Opportunities and Challenges, August 2005.

East Tennessee State University, Journalism program, guest lecturer, Journalism, trauma and self-care, March 2009

DeKalb Medical Center, Onoclogy Dept., guest lecturer, Compassion Fatigue and health care workers.
September 2010

Georgia Society of Clinical Oncology, guest lecturer, Compassion Fatigue
September 2012

Published Columns

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TV programs produced for Faith And The City
Faith And The City Forum: Interfaith Dialogue on Civic Issues, aired on Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters, Inc.

Iraq and the World: Peace, War, and Religion (Part 1) / March 2003
Iraq and the World: Peace, War, and Religion (Part 2) / March 2003
Perspectives on Interfaith Dialogue / March 2003
Economics of Healthcare: Covering the Uninsured / March 2003
The Georgia State Flag: Building Community on Controversy / March 2003
Faith and Politics / April 2003
Ending Homelessness in Atlanta / April 2003
Caring for Our Community in a Time of War / April 2003
Reaching Out to Neighbors with Disabilities / April 2003
Faith and Ethics in Public Life / May 2003
Race, Ethnicity and Religious Faith / May 2003
Fundamentalism and Our Religious Faith / May 2003
Moral Education: Where Do Our Children Get It? / June 2003
Homelessness: Faith Community Programs and Perspectives / June 2003
Environmental Justice: The Faith Community and the Physical Environment / July 2003
North Korea, South Korea, and the Global Community (Part 1) / July 2003
17. North Korea, South Korea, and the Global Community (Part 2) / July 2003
Special Edition with Eric Law (Part 1) / March 2004
Special Edition with Eric Law (Part 2) / March 2004
The Passion of the Christ: Interfaith Dialogue on the Film / March 2004
Gay Rights, Gay Marriage, and the Faith Community / March 2004
Faith, Politics, and the Ten Commandments / March 2004
Government Funding for Faith-Based Initiatives / March 2004
Alligators in the Swamp: Power, Ministry, and Leadership (Part 1) / October 2005
Alligators in the Swamp: Power, Ministry, and Leadership (Part 2) / October 2005
Interfaith Public Leadership: FATC Leadership Institute (Part 1) / November 2005
Interfaith Public Leadership: FATC Leadership Institute (Part 2) / November 2005
Religion and Social Progress (Part 1) / January 2006
Religion and Social Progress (Part 2) / January 2006
Religion and Social Progress (Part 3) / February 2006
Religion and Social Progress (Part 4) / February 2006
Immigration, Religion, and the Law (Part 1) March 2006
Immigration, Religion, and the Law (Part 2) March 2006
Mentor A Family Program: Helping Families Escape Homelessness (Part 1) April 2006
Mentor A Family Program: Helping Families Escape Homelessness (Part 2) April 2006
The 1906 Atlanta Race Riot (Part 1) September 2006
The 1906 Atlanta Race Riot (Part 2) September 2006
Affordable Housing: A Necessity (Part 1) October 2006
Affordable Housing: A Necessity (Part 2) October 2006
The Emerging Religious Middle: Opportunities for Bipartisanship (Part 1) November 2006
The Emerging Religious Middle: Opportunities for Bipartisanship (Part 2) November 2006
Fairness for Families: A Livable Wage for Georgia (Part 1) January 2007
Fairness for Families: A Livable Wage for Georgia (Part 2) January 2007
Homeless Summit: A Faith-Based Conference, February 2007
Homelessness: A Client-Provider Dialogue, February 2007
Shi’a and Sunni Muslims: Conversations with a Scholar (Part 1) April 2007
Shi’a and Sunni Muslims: Conversations with a Scholar (Part 2) April 2007


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